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Apple does not understand mobile marketing

by anonymous

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The substance of mobile marketing is its empowerment of consumers to find information for themselves. In many ways, it is an approach that offers greater flexibility when compared to other, more traditional, forms of advertising. However, as a concept, it has been repeatedly ignored or just plain misunderstood by Apple.


The recent release of Apple’s iPad has resulted in considerable excitement and huge sales. However, despite the undoubted benefits of the iPad, it, like many previous Apple products, is not conducive to effective mobile marketing. The main reason for this is the iPad’s reliance upon applications.


Applications are certainly not rare. Just about any need can be serviced by the right application; it is just a matter of finding them. This however limits the freedom of consumers and advertisers to exploit the freedom mobile marketing can offer.


In many respects, mobile marketing is an extension of the internet in that it allows users to freely access the information they so choose to. However, because of the constraints inherent with applications, users are not able to work through outside channels and are limited to the information presented before them. Nowhere is this more clearly shown than in Apple’s recently launched iAd.


The idea behind iAd is to streamline the mobile marketing process by allowing companies to place content directly into applications available on Apple’s App store. The convenience that stems from iAd is not really in dispute. It is however a reflection of Apple’s frequent use of rigid structures that limit freedom and independence. This is only aggravated by the control Apple has assumed over any advertising material released through iAd. Recently, Adidas cancelled its ten million dollar contract to advertise through the iAd platform because of Apple’s incessant need for a degree of creative oversight. Yet another example of why Apple does not understand mobile marketing.



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