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Details abt the components having issue

by anonymous

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Once you login to the 'Administration' console you can see all module/item/menu dashboard for navigating to each of these... 


Following are the items having issue

Main Menu: Engage (right corner)
Sub Menu: Contribute
Module Name: Sen Zen (Type: Zen Tool - Grid)
K2 Item: Test_1 & Test_2
K2 Categories: Parent , Child_1

i have created a Grid (Zen Tool) module and set it up in such a way to bring K2 Items belonging to a particular category & it's child category. But whatever setting change i do ,only 1 item is being listed. I checked the max count in the grid and it is 10.

I deleted my categories, K2 Items, Zen Tool grid module.. and recreated all of them from scratch but still facing the same problem.

There are other similar zentools modules in the site developed before yesterday and we do not face any problem with those. It's only any new ZenTool modules created are having this problem.

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