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Eye Makeup Ideas For Different Occasions

by anonymous

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Looks matter the most in this world. If you got the looks, you should flaunt them boldly. Eye makeup tips will certainly come in handy for you. Makeup is the thing which makes everyone looks more beautiful, than they are. A spectacular eye look can be pulled off by some people, whereas it does not suit others. Nevertheless, there are looks, which look good on everybody. Moreover, wearing different looks dependent on the occasion is very important, like your makeup would not be the same, if you are going out for a dinner with your best friends and if you are heading for a business meeting. Understanding the indecision you often face regarding the eye makeup, here are a few tips for your help.

Eye Makeup Natural way:
A look that you can wear everyday when you are at home and some guests' crash in or when you may be heading to the market to get yourself, few necessities and you want to look pretty, with a light makeup. Applying eye liner and little mascara with light hued eye shadow like bronze or may be a little of peach would be enough for the natural look.

Official Meeting Eye-Makeup:
Do you have a meeting at 9 am? Looking professional is harder than donning your natural look, for obvious reasons. When you want to wear a professional look, avoid using bold shades. Using eyeliner and light coat of mascara with a warm-toned eye shadow is considered in and pretty. Its 7 pm and you are still working! Apply a little concealer on the under eyes circles and carry on your work.

Dating Time:
Are you going out for a date tonight?? This one is for you! For a flirty and sexy look, play with bright colours like green, blue and pinks... Blend bold and dark colours for that sensual look. Smoky eyes are in vogue. Applying a dark and bold eye shadow to the eyelid and using the lighter shade of the same colour along the brow bone is fantastic. Don't miss out on mascara and plenty of eye liner for the extra mark!

Wedding Occasion Of Friend:
While I am sure that you must be wearing a heavy wedding dress, not looking overdone is important. Special occasions like marriages, will offer you the opportunity to apply makeup, which can be both sexy and professional. You can commence by applying Blush concealer, bronze shadow and foundation. Don't forget to apply mascara with plenty of eye liner and kajal, to look the most beautiful on your best friend's wedding.

While these were few tips for making your big or small days and occasions beautiful. Hope this will affect your cosmetic and make up decisions for the better. Apart from the tips, it is also very important to carry yourself with confidence. Wearing a bold eye makeup and yet looking elegant is not very difficult after reading this. So, go ahead and play with colours, shades and hues for the beautiful you!!!

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