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What to Expect When You Download Need for Speed the Run and

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Need for Speed: The Run 

For several years, Need for Speed is one of the most popular games that has dominated the gaming market. In this newest game version, the first thing that you will surely notice is the excellent graphics – with realistic landscapes and great-looking cars. When you download Need for Speed the Run game, you will surely enjoy great new features that you can’t find in the previous versions.

Battlefield 3 Game

Step into the shoes of Staff Sergeant Henry Blackburn and complete his mission to locate and bring back a squad who was last seen in a militia-controlled market. This squad was out to probe on suspected chemical weapons spots. Set in the Iran-Iraq border, the elite US Marines battles against the People’s Liberation and Resistance.

Aside from realistic graphics, the Battlefield 3 game is also known from its life-like sound effects, lightings, and massive destruction scenarios. All these elements make gamers easily hooked into the game. Another breakthrough that gamers should watch out is the intelligent enemy who can almost predict what your strategies are. Now, that’s where the challenge comes in.


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