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Olden times were Golden times with the Trinket Box –

by trinketbox

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Some of these boxes are so amazing that calling them a “Trinket Box” feels so inadequate. There are plenty of people who are on the lookout for the perfect gift, we assure you that there are only few items in the world that you can’t go wrong with, and one of them happens to be such a box.  When it comes to storing antique jewelry, vintage jewelry, and other such collectibles nothing can work out better than such a jewelry box. Today you see that these boxes are themselves a pricy item as they are a collectible in itself. They come in a variety of materials, with different decorations over them, and in different rates, the diverse array of Trinket Boxes that can be found today are really astonishing.

 Rewind on such boxes –

 Centuries ago it was possible to make sure that you had all your jewelry intact and in good condition by storing them away in a box like this. These at that time were a great find, as people never had such elaborate storage options. Some boxes were embossed with different material such as silk, leather etc, and some were adorner with jewels, stones, and other decorative materials and others were richly carved on. While these are all really a great way to ensure that you have a good idea on what kind of art was popular back then, people today take such art forward to ensure that we have some great ideas for genuine and unique Trinket Box. While these methods of storage were indeed wonderful, they weren’t an option for the less rich in the country. Some of this exotic and unique Trinket Box was to be used only by royalty. Royal kings and queens often had dozens of such boxes in their vanity to show off. Some of them would have painting on them of children, flowers, natural scenes, birds, animals, etc. Slowly the concept of such boxes changed a lot, and they were made different in every single era, to meet the rising demands. Over time it has become obvious that unique and hand crafted Trinket Boxes are quite an item to collect.


Today nearly all men and women are sure to have something in their house that would be worthy of storing in these fabulous Trinket Boxes

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