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Stretcher Bars : Keep The Canvas nice And Tight

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Canvas stretcher bars are used by artist to hold their canvas in the right position so that they can proceed with their artwork in a hassle free manner. Such bars are actually simple wooden bars that are arranged by artists to form a square or rectangular frame. They not only provide the required support to mount the canvas, but also act as a decorative piece and also provide support for intricate embroidery works. So, you can say that the canvas stretcher is used to keep the canvas nice and tight.

The Different Types of Stretching Bars:

The medium (standard) duty canvas stretcher bars are used by a grand majority of artists. The 1 5/8’’ width of the bar eliminates bowing from taught stretching. For mounting small paintings, the light duty stretcher bars are used. Theses bars have a beaded edge for holding the canvas. The beaded edge of these bars reduces the problem of cracked edges that is faced by artists in giclee prints. For artists who are looking for a substantial side profile adding to the perceived value of their art can go for the medium/heavy duty stretchers.

They can really create a notable presence, without burning a hole in your pocket. The heavy duty artist stretcher bars provide a 1 ¼’’ side profile for artists. They are not very expensive and can create their own unique presence. These bars are quite strong and sturdy and do not need any reinforcement. These bars are also termed as super bars due to the strength that they provide. The quality of a canvas stretcher depends on the quality of wood used for manufacturing.

Basis of Classification of Stretcher Bars:

The market is filled with various types of stretching bars. They are mainly classified on the basis of the material that is used in their manufacturing process. The main materials that are used for the manufacturing of stretcher bars include wood, metal or alloys of various metals. The wooden stretcher bars are preferred by artists due to their smooth finish and elegance. You can find the right canvas stretcher by doing a proper research on the Internet.

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