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The Vacancies In Various Fields And Companies

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There are many Metropolitan Cities in India, economically and commercially considered important, including the capital New Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Bangalore and Chennai in the forefront. But Visakhapatnam, the second largest city of Andhra Pradesh, apart from its capital Hyderabad is something special in that this city has undergone tremendous growth rate, during the last few decades, which no other city can match. Safe and securely located in a strategic point of the East Coast, far off from the boundaries of any neighboring countries, Visakhapatnam, fondly called as Vizag is away from the disturbances to peace, by wars and invasions.

This helped the small town grow into a Metropolitan, by the planned developments of Industrial Climate and thereby inviting lots and lots of youngsters from all parts of the country and abroad, to take part in the shaping of this “Goa of the East” into a cosmopolitan city. From the world history, one can see wherever there is a Port, it helped a lot in the development of the entire region economically, as exports to other countries through the sea increased the national wealth of any country, by leaps and bounds.

On that context, Visakhapatnam is a Natural Port, surrounded by the hills of the Eastern Ghats on the land-side, and opened up in the Bay of Bengal on the eastern side. So export of merchandise not only produced in Andhra Pradesh, but also other nearby States is possible to a great extent, bringing faster growth of economy. Added up to the commercial advantages, the selection by the Indian Government of Visakhapatnam for setting up the Eastern Naval Command, put things in brighter perspective for spectacular growth of this Industrial City with a Harbor enclosed.

From the periods of British rule, Visakhapatnam has been the favorite Port for export of iron ores and other minerals in large volumes. This paved way for setting up the oldest shipyard in Vizag and when the need arose for more ships for commercial as well as Defense use, the Ship Building Industry flourished like anything. From then on, many Ships including Submarines have started rolling out from Vizag steadily, to serve the country and other countries as well.

Once the Industrial activity started, it became history that Engineering and Heavy Industries, both from the public and private sector started to occupy Vizag as their base, one after the other. This followed with supportive and service Industries like finance, banking, Information Technology etc. springing up in Vizag, requiring manpower enormously, compared to any other Metropolitan city in India.

Wherever there are employment opportunities, online application and recruitment process is taking place in a brisk space and Vizag is no exception. The vacancies in various fields and companies, private and public organizations on a large scale, for best jobs in Vizag are getting advertised every day, as you can yourself see by visiting any Human Resource site including The reason is Visakhapatnam and its employment potential are getting popularized day by day.


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