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Diagenode - A Pioneer in Epigenetics Research

by diagenodesa

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Biotechnology has revolutionized fields like engineering, medicine, environmental research, and molecular biology. The launch of the Human Genome Project (HGP) in the United States was an important milestone for genetic engineering. The success of HGP has inspired a number of research centers and biotechnology companies worldwide to identify advanced techniques for disease diagnostics, gene analysis, gene regulation, and epigenetics.


Diagenode, the pioneer and leader in epigenetics research, has made significant contributions in the field of immunoprecipitation automation, sonication (chromatin or DNA shearing, antibody development, DNA methylation, chromatin function, and protocol optimization. The wide range of kits for chromatin immunoprecipitation developed by Diagenode and used by numerous life science labs and centers provides reproducible and robust ChIP results.


The Diagenode SX-8G IP-Star and SX-8G Compact Automated Systems represent the first innovations that brought complete automation to ChIP and DNA methylation assays. The automated ChIPdeveloped by Diagenode is ideal for improving assay consistency and for preparing precious samples analysed with Next Generation Sequencing technologies such as ChIP-Seq and epigenome mapping. This unique automation system uses a range of optimized reagents and protocols combined with a proprietary magnetic separation technology run on a high-precision workstation. Automation enables faster walk-away assays and much higher consistency in obtaining precious IP’d material.


The life sciences research market recognizes Diagenode as the leader for developingcutting-edge ChIP and DNA methylation products. Various diagnostics companies look to Diagenode for expert guidance and efficient diagnostic systems in epigenetics-based diagnostics.  Diagenode offers complete solutions for every epigenetics study.


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