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What Makes a Perfume Sell?

by kunwarpal

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An obvious answer to the question is that the fragrance that determines if a perfume will sell or not. Well, it is an important factor but by far not the only factor. In fact, if all other factors are not taken in account then a great fragrance might not find any takers and vice versa. 

To start with, the name of the perfume is the first perception generator amongst the audiences. A perfume name like ‘Silk’ will have much different impact than the one named ‘Joy’. The name should compliment the fragrance and at the same time generate curiosity.  It’s an old saying that you should not judge a book by its cover.

It’s a good philosophy but hardly works. All of us invariably judge a book by its cover. So the packaging of a perfume goes a long way is getting people’s attention. A classy well-made bottle speaks volumes about the brand and the product. Not just the bottle, people also are governed by the carrying box that must be enticing in itself. 

How is selling can be as important factor as what is selling. A brand name that has made a reputation for itself over the years will always find its loyalists try its new creation.

They might reject it later if they don’t like the creation but a brand name is sure to get the initial head start. Brands must be careful not the use their following to push rubbish in the market, rather they should maintain a consistency in quality that will make their branding even stronger. Not every perfume will be a top seller but at least it should not be a gam spoiler.  Adding cherry on the cake are the celebrity endorsements. Many argue that the cost of celebrity endorsement doesn’t match up to the additional revenues it generates. It’s a fair argument but it’s a trend you cant live without.

You need to give a face to the perfume and the bigger the name the better are its chances of selling, at least initially. 

These, along with may other big and small factors together contribute to the ultimate sales of perfumes. But eventually it’s only a good fragrance that lasts,literally and figuratively.For More Detail Visit :

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