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Things to Remember When Buying a Cheap LCD TV

by abhi70

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High-def LCD TVs are quickly securing a commonplace in our homes for the lovely home entertainment experience. As this high-tech, superior viewing, advanced technology is available in pocket-friendly prices, LCD TV is the most desirable alternative to the standard CRT TV.

Cheap LCD TVs are the hottest selling items online in consumer electronics. Mitashi, Hyundai, Sansui, Videocon, Philips, etc. are some the new entrants in the cheap LCD TV market. These brands offer the same technology, style and features at affordable prices. These offer great savings options compared to the more popular brands. But before you pounce on the latest deals available online, knowing the essentials of LCD TV are beneficial. Here are some useful tips to take into consideration when shopping for a cheap LCD TV.
• Display Size of the screen - How big/small screen should you purchase depending on where you will place it. It comes in sizes from 19-inches to 70-inches.

Basic Features -

1. Resolution – almost all models around 32” and above has 1080p resolution, which is 1920 by 1080 pixels that gives you the maximum image detail and clarity available for almost all HD content.
2. Contrast Ratio - refers to the difference between the darkest images and the lightest images that a screen can produce in general and it determines how dark the blacks are.
3. Brightness - for quality color and picture reproduction.
4. Viewing angle – does it provide good visibility from all angles?
5. Energy Efficiency – look for Power-saving modes, eco-friendly that offer safer disposal, etc. and save on your bills. • Extra Features (depending on your requirements) - some add-ons worth it like internet connectivity, USB Ports, HDMI, Gaming modes etc.
Accessories – Consider what are the key accessories you need buy with your new TV? For Ex – Stand/Wall Unit, HDMI Cables, etc.
Service Plan - Check the safety instructions, warranty and return/exchange policy.

These are only few of the things that one should take care of while purchasing a cheap LCD it happens a lot of time that keeping the cheap LCD TV prices in mind we compromise on to the most important aspects of the electronic items. We should make sure that all these things should be taken in to consideration as these things stay with us lifelong a slightest of the mistake can be really harmful for us. I think this much of advice is sufficient for you to make the right decision. Keywords: LCD TV Prices India, LED TV Prices, Buy LCD, LCD TV India, lcd tv online, cheap LCD, cheap LED, flat tv, led tv, buy led tv

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