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Few Tips To Enjoy Extended battery Life

by Editor123

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No doubts Mr. Cooper has changed the whole scenario of personal communication after inventing mobile phones. The main reason of the huge success of mobile phones is the fact that these can be carried all throughout and can be used anytime at any place. But can we really deny the fact that cell phone batteries have to be regarded as the life line of one such gadget. If you have a feature rich cell phone with poor battery life, it all goes into vain. So, it is always necessary to make sure you carry a handset that comes fitted with an adequate battery.

Who doesn't want to enjoy extended battery life? But there are certain basic points you need to know which can help you to get the most out of cell phone batteries. Let's discuss few among them here:


  • Using lithium-ion cell phone batteries is always a better option. The only constraint is they come in a little higher price. But you should not mind as you will e paying for the quality instead of quantity. Availing OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) cell phone batteries should be the choice if you do not want to face any un-necessary hazards.


  • Make sure you use of most of the battery life your phone's battery can give you. Over charging the battery can work as a hurdle in the process of enjoying extended battery life. It's always advisable to drain down all the power your battery have. Charge your cell phone batteries not more than twice a week; if you follow this practice, the battery will run at-least for 3-5 years. Charging your cell every night is a bad practice.


  • Read out the company charging details that comes on the battery cover. If you are buying a new battery, fully charge it before using it. Drain down the whole power, and then charge it again. Do not overcharge and never leave your cell phone on charging for more than 24 hours.

Although these are basic things to remember, but most of the time we tend to forget them or most of the time we remain ourselves ignorant about them. Keep these points in mind and enjoy extended battery life at its best.

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