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About shifting to web-based intranet solutions

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In any organization, informed decision-making largely depends on the smooth flow of information. By having a seamless access to info from every department of your organization you can be able to make timely and informed decisions and this will allow you to save plenty of time and money.


A recommended way of enabling different departments to make their information readily available is through the use of intranets. This is ideally because intranet solutions provide a quick and cost-effective way through which people in a private network setting can communicate and relay information conveyed between different parties at the right time and in the right format. In your growing organization where you may be experiencing difficulty with regards to remission of info from one department to another, intranet solutions will provide you with the right tools to enable seamless communication.


Previously, the only way to implement an intranet was to purchase software and the necessary support systems i.e. switches, servers, and the like. The platform was then modified to fit the unique needs of your company. This was the case before web-based intranet solutions were developed, and which now adequately address the major causes of failure of previous intranet systems that were neither easy to implement nor use. They were also not cost-effective and only a few parties could understand and access them, and use them in a way that served their specific needs. In essence, they were beating the logic that an intranet must be useable by everyone in an organization.


Web-based intranet suites are accessible by everyone in organization because they feature interfaces and navigation similar to what most web browsers have and which most if not all persons are comfortable with. Web-based intranet solutions were also borne out of a need to address the costs of integration, implementation, maintenance, upgrading, training, and support that installing intranet software presents.


Web-hosted intranets are based on what is called cloud computing and also referred to as SaaS - Software as a Service - which is all about harnessing the interconnecting capabilities of the internet. A company that creates intranet solutions offers to run the software from its own infrastructure and interaction with the software is done via the internet. This way your company does not have to implement the system in-house and this will work to save a lot of money because you do not have to hire IT personnel to run the system. This solution makes it easy for company staff based in remote offices to access current files and documents from the company headquarters thus enabling up-to-speed daily operations.


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