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What makes tricot different than other knit fabrics? Why doe

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<a href="">Tricot</a> (pronounced tre-ko) is a warp-knitted fabric, meaning it has continuous lengthwise columns of loops. These lengthwise loops, or wales, are what give tricot a smooth surface on the face, and a textured back. Since the structure of the closed knit in a lengthwise direction creates ribs on the front and crosswise ribs on the back, tricot is both a soft and strong knit structure. Tricot fabrics are produced on a flat bed knitting machine, as opposed to a circular knitting machine. Pine Crest Fabrics carries a full color card of 26 nylon tricot colors, which the Spectrum Tricot. Tricots have excellent wrinkle and run resistance, as well as good drape-ability. A tricot knit is ideal for active-wear, especially when it is composed of Nylon Spandex, as it allows the body to breathe while providing support and comfort of a 4-way stretch. Many people have asked us, Pine Crest Fabrics, why nylon is a staple for our tricots in active markets. So we decided to do some research.

It turns out that Nylon was the first synthetic fiber made. Nylon has both excellent strength and abrasion resistance, allowing it to stand up to any sport as one of the most resilient synthetic fibers. It has a high elongation and elastic recovery so fabrics can stretch to their limits without losing their shape. In addition, nylon has good resistance to sunlight making it an excellent choice for swimwear. With the wide range of nylon tricots that Pine Crest Fabrics offers, all colors should be covered. Pine Crest Fabrics has been carrying a nylon <a href="">tricot</a> line in solid colors for over 10 years. Nylon’s ability to accept acid dyes makes it possible to achieve brighter colors. Nylon has long been known as the staple for the swim industry, but this idea is starting to change, as mills have been able to greatly improve the qualities of their polyester yarns. These new Polyester Spandex blends have given Nylon Spandex blends a run for their money. Your Pine Crest Fabrics

sales representative can tell you more about our solid Spectrum tricot line, and other

tricot fabrics that we carry in both Nylon and Polyester Spandex blends.

For more information about <a href="">tricot</a> please visit <a href=""></a>

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