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Does Windows Restarts without any Warning Message?

by anonymous

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Does your Windows computer restart randomly without notifying? If yes, continue reading for knowing the methods to Recover Windows from such situations. This behavior results from numerous reasons. The article mentions some of these reasons and the corresponding solutions.

Mainly, a Windows computer restarts or reboots by itself because of the below mentioned possibilities:

Some software programs generate unexpected errors that force Windows to restart without any warning.

Hardware issues like, recently installed or failing hardware component, new device drivers, bad memory, bad cables and expansion cards, and improperly installed or uninstalled hardware.

Your computer is infected from virus like 'Blaster Virus', which are specifically programmed to reboot the computer without any alerts.

The processor, computer, or any other device gets too hot and compels the computer to start.

Issues with Windows operating system.

The direct consequence of such events is that you lose all the unsaved data. See below to know the solutions to such problems:

For software related issues, you should boot your computer in Safe Mode. If it stops booting in Safe Mode, most likely the issue is software related and you need to troubleshoot the problem accordingly. However, Windows XP users can uncheck 'Automatically Restart' option in 'Startup and Recovery'.

To solve hardware related concerns, you need to remove any recently installed hardware device, uninstall the recently installed drivers, replace the memory, and reconnect all the cables and expansion cards.

In case of virus infection, you should scan your computer with an updated anti-virus software. In worst conditions, you might need to erase the entire disk and reinstall Windows.

If you experience unusual sounds, it could be the sign of failing fan. Thus, you can replace the fan if necessary.

To verify that this problem is related to Windows, you can load the computer in CMOS setup and allow it to sit there for some time. If the computer doesn't reboot, this confirms the problem with Windows and you need to perform a clean reinstall of Windows.

Clean Windows reinstall often necessitates data restoration from backup. If this cannot be completed for any reasons and you need to Recover Windows Files, a third-party utility can help. These are definite solutions that are used to Recover Windows data after any event of logical data loss.

Stellar Phoenix Windows data recovery software is a high-end utility that can Recover Windows Files, folders, and partitions that might have been lost or deleted. This is a simple utility that is compatible with Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2003, and 2000.

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