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Top 5 SharePoint Collaboration Apps for Android

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A number of SharePoint tools are available for Android devices which are capable of rendering functionality similar to that available for Iphones and iPads. As is true for many Sharepoint apps that are meant for mobile devices, some functionality is not present or has particular limitations, in comparison to the notebook or desktop experience. This is all the more obvious when the task is of document editing, and is not only restricted by the SharePoint app in use, but also by the tools that are present within your device.

One concern to be considered is that versions of Android which are 2.3 or below do not render support to NTLM authentication. This might prevent users from entering the SharePoint site in case they are accessing the earlier versions through tablets or Smartphones. However, newer Android apps, offer extra capability to Android users accessing SP data. These applications render basic access to SP documents, calenders, lists in addition to other features such as app level content sorting, passcode lock, offline access, and so on. Let us have a look at 5 of the top SP collaboration apps for Android.


With the help of this, you can have convenient access to SP images, documents, events or tasks from your tablet or phone. This tool is very easy to use, so there is no need for you to be a SharePoint expert in order to use it. The content-centric design is done keeping in mind the everyday user. With the help of the SPtoGO passcode prompt available in the Settings tab, access to the enterprise SP content can be restricted from your phone. Moreover, you can seamlessly perform a number of activities such as add, view or update tasks, download documents to the phone to ensure offline access, upload photos from phone to SharePoint image library.

SPConnect SharePoint

This tool enables you to have access to a Microsoft SP site through the Android phone. You can conveniently collaborate with your team members while you are on the go. It is also possible to update as well as review documents within document libraries whenever you want. With SharePoint within your fingertips, meetings can be scheduled within a team calendar or a team announcement can simply be posted. The Android system requirements for this collaboration app include external storage system for caching of files along with a document viewer for modification and viewing of documents.


Through this collaboration app, you will be able to automatically synchronize your choicest SharePoint libraries as well as lists and incorporate them within your Android Smartphone or tablet. Wherever you are, you will be able to coordinate with your team through sharing of documents and task lists. The most noteworthy thing about SP is that it is capable of working with the existing SharePoint credentials, hence there is no need to seek special permissions. The main features include document management, content management and offline support, amongst others. Lite

This is a free app which allows non-technical business users to have comprehensive access to Office 365 as well as SharePoint sites straightaway with the help of Android devices. It is possible to share and edit documents, gain access to real-time updates or enhance the social network. There are a number of benefits, including access to SP and Office 365 on the go, native Office user experience with respect to document editing, enhanced project management, noteworthy productivity and adoption of social networking features.

SharePoint DocExplore

Document navigation has become very easy with the help of this collaboration app. This app provides a great method for easy document retrieval. SharePoint DocExplore allows you to browse and search document libraries from Microsoft SP, rendering a collapsible and visual tree view. The app comes with an intuitive interface wherein you can select the theme as well as animation according to your choice. The sub-sites and document libraries can be made to slide vertically or horizontally depending on the type of animation.

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