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Different Trends in Wedding Rings

by anonymous

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Wedding ring is among the most precious piece of adornment that holds priceless importance in the life of an individual. You can have a variety of options on several themes and different styles. Some rings are fashioned with traditional classic designs whereas some others are made of trendy stylish embellishments inlaid with beautiful stones like diamonds or gemstones.

The wedding band symbolizes the life of togetherness and the pure bonding of true love and dedication between a couple. It is often used to signify the altered status of the newlyweds. The western culture of wearing wedding ring differs from place to place. In various other religions the engagement ring of groom later becomes the wedding ring. The exercise of wearing this precious ring is also sign of the affection, loyalty and love for your beloved spouse. Many customary beliefs also denote the importance of this special ring that offers more strengths for a newly wedded couples and their happy blissful life ahead. Hence, exchange of wedding rings became a common and popular practice with little variation all across the world.

Nowadays the modern trends in wedding band also add to the latest fashion statement of the sophisticated world. If you are planning to get the best suitable rings for your upcoming wedding you can choose from wide ranging variety of separate designer collection of exclusive rings as per affordability and taste. An attractive wedding ring can make the exciting occasion of your auspicious marriage even more memorable and stunning. Couples may get white metal or white diamonds ring and the models are conventionally inspired by The Edwardian or Victorian period of western cultures. The contemporaneous design offers diamond or center sapphire designs circled by precious or semi precious gems and sparking stones. Among the latest trends tungsten wedding bands, ceramic wedding bands, cobalt wedding bands and titanium wedding bands are highly in demand.

Wedding band is usually worn on third finger of the left hand. If you want to add a little bit if classy style to your ring, the inlaid ring could be the best option for you. This designing has a ring of valuable metal either in the edges or center of the tungsten ring. Typically you see platinum, gold or bronze for the inlay metal designs. The contrast between the inlay metal and tungsten makes the ring looks amazingly beautiful. There is a difference in the physical properties between tungsten and other metal. Tungsten rings are hard and resistant to scratching or nicking. On the contrary, an inlaid wedding band is much softer and it requires regular maintenance to keep the metal as shiny as tungsten.

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