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Caring for Your Invisalign Aligners

by vilmacleghorn

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After having invisalign, your dentist in Austin TX will provide you with specific instructions about caring for your aligners. They are delicate enough that you have to take extra good care of them. Otherwise you will have to invest in another set. For some more helpful pointers, examine the items below:

1. Wear your aligners for at least 22 hours every day. Remove it when you are eating in public places (except when you are only drinking water), as well as any time you are brushing and flossing your teeth. Make use of your hands and not any other objects (especially those that are sharp) to take them out. When eating in your own home, try to wear your aligners. Do not eat foods that have sugar with your aligners on. You are at risk of having tooth decay. Never chew gums either or you will ruin them.

2. Before you decide to insert your aligners, clean them using soft toothbrush and a toothpaste (small amount only). Wash it very carefully with water. Never think of cleaning them with denture cleaners or rinsing them with mouthwash. Your aligners may become more visible as their surfaces are ruined by the products that you use to clean them.

3. Remember to wash your hands using soap and water each time you will hold the aligners. This will prevent the transfer of bacteria from your hand to the aligners.

4. Typically, you will be given two cases for your aligners. You may put the one that you are currently using in the first case and store the rest of the aligners in the second. When it is already time for you to use a new aligner, keep it in the first case and keep the old one in a plastic bag.

5. Go to your dentist in Austin TX regularly. He will oversee the progress on the alignment of your teeth. He may also perform teeth cleaning to make sure that no plaque will build up in your teeth. He may likewise teach you how to brush your teeth properly and which food to avoid so you can prevent this. More essential, he will check on the quality of your aligners to ensure that you take care of them properly.

6. Do not store or place them in an area that is warmer than the temperature inside your mouth. They may not fit correctly or worse, you may damage them permanently. Likewise, do not sterilize them.

7. In the event you feel like you are being pinched or that your teeth are being scratched every time you put them on, go back to your tooth doctor and they will do the essential adjustments.

Another tip for you: If the next day is your timetable to put on the next aligner, you may consider placing them before bedtime. This will lessen the distress that you will feel by tomorrow since you have already worn them for a few hours. For any problem that may arise from improper care of your invisalign aligners, you may check with your dentist in Chandler AZ.

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