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Five Bad Habits That Can Ruin The Value Of Your VW

by anonymous

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There are several VW car owners who are not aware of some bad habits that ruin the value of their vehicle. They are oblivious to the fact that these habits even have the potential to curtail the lifespan of the vehicle. The following is a list of five bad habits, and how they can affect the value of your vehicle.

1. Wash Your VW Every Week – There are car owners who willingly skip car washes and are ready to drive the car dirty all the way to their destinations. This is a grave mistake as dirt and grime takes time to build up both inside and outside your car. This depreciates the resale value of the car and steals your Volkswagen’s new finish. Always remember that having a clean engine bay will always enhance the resale value of your car.

2. Do Not Drive Hard – There are some Volkswagen car owners who are very aggressive and the moment they sit behind the steering wheel of the car they drive hard and rough. They are not aware of the fact that the first few miles taken by the car have to be gentle. This applies to all cars and not Volkswagen alone. Here again, new car owners are not to be blamed as they are hardly provided with correct break in instructions. The oil also has to be changed immediately when you are driving a new car.

3. Think Before You Customise Your Car – It feels good to personalise your VW with a number of car kits and other accessories. However, this reduces the number of buyers in the market when you are going in to buy the car. This may also interfere with the warranty of the car and in the process the value of the car decreases.

4. Failing To Keep Records – You should always keep and maintain service records for your car. This is essential, especially in the case where you are selling your VW to private buyers. It is important for you to show the complete paperwork done so that the potential buyer is convinced that the tires, oil and battery are in sound and good condition.

5. Never seek car servicing from a stranger – When you are making an endeavour to increase the value of your precious VW it is important to invest on a car servicing professional or unit you trust. There are strangers that are often untrained and unqualified as technicians. They are unable to replace or fix the car properly. And in the bargain, they end up ruining the value of your car. Not only does this make you lose a lot, but it becomes drain on your wallet as well. Before you entrust your car to a car servicing professional, ensure that you undertake proper research and time to find out more on the unit or the professional.

Therefore, when you are looking for ways and means to enhance the value of your precious VW, ensure that you check the above bad habits in order to get a vehicle that stays young and functional for a long time!

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