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Michigan Kitchen Remodeling Ideas: Making the Small Big

by herbkoguchi

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If your kids are growing up fast, it may be time to have your small kitchen remodeled to maximize the space. This way, your kids won't bump into you as they prepare a Coney Dog (a Michigan favorite) for your dinner. The challenge here is how to make a small kitchen seem big so here are a few Michigan kitchen remodeling tips:

Downsize your kitchen appliances

A double-door fridge allows for more organization, as you have enough space to separate your meat from your veggies or your TV dinners from healthy meal alternatives, but they are not a practical idea if you have a small kitchen. Thus, think of downsizing your fridge into the standard one-door. Also, if you barely use the third burner in your large stove, consider buying a two-burner stove instead.

Consider open shelves

Close cabinets can make small kitchens feel even smaller. Fortunately, there is a solution for this: go with open storage instead. Open shelves will not only make a small kitchen feel less constricted, they will make it easier for you to reach the things you need.

Raise the glass

You may be aware of how many magicians use smoke and mirrors for many of their illusions. The same principle can be applied to make small kitchens seem bigger; use a lot of glass to visually expand the space. You can use glass for your countertop or back splashes; what's more, glass can easily be wiped clean, so little maintenance is required on your part to keep them in their ideal condition.

Mix and match lights

You need sufficient illumination when you prepare meals, but this doesn't mean that you can't mix fluorescent lights with trendy pendant lights. Doing so will help create the illusion of wide space. Choose pendant lights in cool yellow colors to provide contrast to the bright white light from your fluorescent fixtures.

There are ways to make a kitchen seem big, and in doing so, you may even get to improve its function and style. If you need to have your kitchen windows replaced, consider hiring companies in quality Michigan windows replacements too. For more information, visit

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