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Have A House That Will Make The Neighbours Jealous

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What should be renovated?

When one is living in the most populated city in Ireland, a house is less of a necessity and more of a status sign. Now, people can deny it all they want, but every extra penny that is saved, goes to the odd tweaking around the house. Everyone wants to be praised, about how much bigger their patio is, or how much prettier the bathroom fittings are, and ultimately, how perfect their house is. Everyone would like to one up everyone else in these cases, wouldn’t they? So, how does one go about these things? Do you just call up some guy from the yellow pages and pay them to wave a magic wand around? If only it was that easy.

A bathroom that is exquisite?

How many times have you gone inside the bathroom and asked yourself, Why doesn’t it look like the ones in the TV or online? Or have questioned why it was so small, the shower was not as it should be, everything was scattered around, the fixtures were hideous or heaven forbid if its design was outdated. One cannot just get his tools and set to work and presume that he can make it better. These jobs are better left to the professionals. But you have to tell them exactly what you want and guide them through, because it’s your bathroom, you will have to use it. The main areas which are to be considered while renovating the bathroom are the floor or more specifically the tiles, the mirror and the cabinets, the fixtures, the bathtub and the shower etc. But the most important factor is money; everybody doesn’t have as much money as they would want to spend on the bathroom. So, what will be the key changes and what will have to be left out?

Those will be decided by you only. Bathroom renovation doesn’t seem like an easy job, but it certainly pays to have an up to date bathroom because that is the comfort zone of the house.

Everyone wants a bigger house and that is human mentality, if the neighbour’s house is big, my house must top that. House extensions are generally done, when they are put up for sale. And if you have a nuclear family, everyone wants their own room. In case of extension, everything should be planned carefully, because once it’s done, there is no going back.

First what one should do is hire a competent designer who will show you a list of blueprints to be approved. You should convey what you really want so that the expert can design accordingly. It might be a bigger drawing room or an extra bedroom. Lots of homes in Dublin have three bedrooms and you could have a fourth one. After the design is done, it has to be approved by the planning department and that might take some time. After approval, the extension work can be started.When it comes to completely changing the look of your house, the process cannot be hurried.

The professionals involved have to be chosen carefully and your involvement should be complete. A good and experienced team of tradesmen in Dublin can be hired from . A good house makes one’s life complete, everyone deserves it.

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