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Hardwood Floor

by swethar

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Wooden flooring is one of the finest flooring options that bring natural warmth and a feel of luxury to your home. Hardwood is mainly used for living rooms, drawing rooms and sometimes for the bedrooms as well as. Cleaning and maintenance of wooden floor requires special efforts and tools to protect the luster of wood. Hardwood floor mop should be made of soft yarn and strings so it will not harm the polish and quality of wood. Use the mop product twice a week to remove dust, junks and other debris from the floor, but do not use excess water or heavily damped mop to clean the wooden floor. The excess water can reach into the seams of wood and further create permanent damage to your costly flooring.

A slightly wet Hardwood floor mop is the best suited thing for cleaning the regular dust and stains. To clean other dark and grime spots and stains, first use a blow dryer to soften the stains then remove it with a moist mop product. After wet cleaning of floor, do not forget to wipe the floor with a dry soft cloth, it will not only absorb the extra moisture from the floor, but will protect the wood as well. The size, shape and material of mop are equally important. Use a flat or triangular shaped mop that can reach to the hidden corners of the floor. A micro fiber hardwood floor mop with a trigger spray attached with handle of mop can make your work much easier. 

These days wooden flooring is available in different colors, quality and polish; hence, it needs different treatment for each of them. According to the hardness and sensitivity of wood micro fiber made hardwood floor mop is a safe tool that can assure a thorough cleaning of wet spills and stains. It cleans the wood in a delicate way and also collects much more dust and junk particles than any other mop product. Furthermore, micro-fibers are made of such absorbent material that it soaks the extra water from the floor immediately.

It would be a better choice if you spend some extra money for the good quality hardwood floor mop because micro fiber made mops comes with many useful attachments and tools. Those attachments include special dust catching system, soft bristles and foams, easy to use handles, etc. these things not only reduce your work burden, but also ensure  a neat and clean environment for your house. Now-a-days, mop product are designed according to the needs of different types of flooring especially the wooden flooring as it needs special care and attention. These carefully designed mops prevent any kind of damage to the floor. Their soft material and flexible structure is easy to wring out and dry up during the wet cleaning.

To find a right mop product for your house, check out your nearest stores or search on the internet. There are many companies providing hardwood floor mop with above- mentioned qualities through their websites.

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