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How well equipped is a resort in Gulmarg?

by piyoosha09

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There are a lot of mediums which inspire a traveler and force him to plan a vacation or a trip.

These mediums play a very important role initiating a tour. Admiring the beauty of a particular

locations, these sources attract travelers to the destination they showcases. Paintings are one

of the major mediums which drive tourists to travel and explore. Capturing the beauty of a

particular destination in a painting, artists actually convert a locations into a travel book. It is

this beauty portrayed on canvas that attracts and makes the tourists set up a plan to that place.

Artists have a versatile field of interests. A lot of locations and other natural splendors attract

the interest of artists. Various artists around India have captured the complete beauty of India.

Among the artistic works of different artists, there are few locations which have been exhibited

in their paintings more than once. A lot of painters believe that the beauty of such places is

such that it is very hard to capture them in more than one panting. These locations have been

proudly painted by many renowned painters. The state of Jammu and Kashmir has been the

favorite of many painters.

The state possesses an exceptional beauty which is very rare and is worth admiring. Painting

experts come here to show the remarkable beauty of the place within their drawings. The

region is not just famous among artists but also among travel enthusiasts. Referred as a living

paradise on earth, the area of Jammu and Kashmir has a pleasing aroma of its own. In this wide

region, the subject of interests among painters differ from individual to individual. Since the

state beholds a lot of locations and other interesting sites, different areas attract the attention

of different painters. The beauty of Gulmarg has attracted the interest of many art associated

individuals. The area is often considered to be the one place which transforms an artist into a


Tourists visiting the area look forward to their stay amidst the refreshing weather and stunning

snow covered valleys. The best part about the region is that it has more than just hotels to

offer to its visitors in the name of accommodation. The resorts in this place are highly popular

and are also the most preferred accommodation option. A resort in Gulmarg is well equipped

with all the modern amenities and necessary items. These hospitality services also add some

new entities as per the choice of its visitors. From basic electronic items to high speed Wi-Fi

services, everything can be availed in a resort in Gulmarg. The hotels in Gulmarg also have a

good reputation among travelers.

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