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5 Reasons Why You Should Hire an SEO Company

by johnfloyed

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In as little as ten years ago, the term search engine optimization (SEO) is relative unknown in mainstream conversations. Now, it is an emerging field with much influence on the decisions, not just of web managers, but of company CEOs and other top management as well.

SEO is a discipline that helps websites appear with greater frequency among the results pages of top search engines, particularly Google and within the top ten results. This position usually secures the most number of click-throughs, thereby getting significant site traffic, which, in turn, will lead to increase in the number and quality of sales leads.

Some companies may balk at the thought of hiring an external partner just for SEO, thinking to save money by implement SEO using an in-house team. However, doing so presents its own challenges. Here are five reasons why you should hire an SEO company:

There is so much to learn.

SEO is a robust field and this big a body of knowledge affects so many key areas of your business. SEO involves studying and closely monitoring how search engines work, how they rank sites and how you can leverage their practices to benefit your web page’s ranking. At some point, you might be able to develop enough knowledge of how search engines work, but you would need to invest a lot of time and effort - as well as manpower - on it.

You need to constantly keep up.

SEO is not a static field. It is constantly changing and evolving, affected by the decisions and actions, not just of search engines, but also of the practices of website owners. In fact, many of the SEO practices that now get many websites banned from search engines - such as stuffing keywords or keyword phrases again and again in a page copy or writing keywords using invisible text - used to be legitimate. However, practices such as these are open to abuse. Once search engines get wind of these practices, they penalize the sites involved and change their ranking methods. Google, for example, revises its ranking algorithms several times a year.

You would rather be doing something else.

Given the sheer amount of time and effort involved in learning and implementing SEO, significant resources will be redirected from some other - and oftentimes more important - aspects of your business. While a properly implemented SEO program will benefit your company by promoting your products and services to more potential buyers, taking away key resources that should support your core work would prove detrimental in the long run. For instance, an accounting firm can dedicate some of its key IT guys to learning and implementing the company’s SEO plan. However, the same personnel could have been better utilized if they were developing or upgrading the company’s accounting software.

It will pay off in the long run.

Do-it-yourself SEO may save you money initially but an SEO company will have the necessary knowledge and skills to implement an SEO strategy - encompassing other activities such as marketing your site and keeping up with SEO trends - that will generate bigger gains for your company, in terms of both search page rankings and an optimized relationship with your site users.

Experts will have the system for it.
Being their main line of work, SEO companies will already have the processes and systems in place to properly implement your SEO plan. You will get periodic reports and regular advisories on how to improve your web site’s SEO performance.

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