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Hazelnut Mocha, a Refreshing Variant Of Coffee

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Hazelnut mocha, made with or without sugar,is a refreshing beverage that can be taken at any time of the day. Thickly flavoured, it uses hazelnut, milk, chocolate powder, espresso and mocha sauce. The aroma that it oozes is strong and is similar to hazelnut liquor. It is sweet in taste and has the combination of coffee and nut. Its craze amongst the people around the world is so huge that it is identical to the menu of any coffee restaurant across the world. People also love it for its
nutty taste.


One of its variants includes a plain cup of coffee combined with hazelnut liquor. But most of the times while buying it you can’t expect it to be combined with the liquor. It is creamy in its appearance and leaves its taste on the sipper even after he has finished sipping it.

Serving of coffee along with coffee companions in any kind of gathering remains a common affair these days, so much so that no event gets complete without their serving. Not only can they be found in
beverage shops but also in bars and eatable joints. No doubt, they bring additional business to the every shop they get served in. Besides being served as a beverage, its beans are also used in other eatables, to give them a tint of its flavour. The idea remains to capitalize on their popularity, and attract their lovers for more reasons.


Its Cuban variant has a strong taste, and is one of the most loved healthy coffees in the world. It is high on strength as compared to regular ones. It is generally served at the end of the serving of a
meal. Its popularity can be made out from the fact that it is roughly exported to all the parts of the world.

So what makes it the favourite beverage of many around the world. It could be a mix of its freshness, the rich feel, the aroma and its flavor. Everyone may like it for different reasons. Many of us can even
have it in excess. But having it in excess is not advisable. Many researches have been conducted to find its effect on health, and it has been suggested that drinking it too much can have an adverse effect on the health of a person. But at the same time, having it in moderation
can have a positive effect on its drinker. No matter what, it will always remain one of the favourite beverages of the world.

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