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Overcoming Itchy Bumps on Skin

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Skin problems in various types and symptoms are perhaps the second most annoying condition after toothache. Although it may look simple, anything related with teeth and skin problems often very disturbing. Sleeping will not be easy to do and performing daily activities, too, can be disrupted. Itchy bumps on skin can be caused by several reasons, ranging from mild to severe.

The most common problems are caused by mosquito bites. Mosquito bites treatment can be done through simple home remedies but can also through applying specific cream or ointment to calm the inflammation and reduce the itch.

Causes and Treatments

Other possible causes of itchy bumps on skin are including acne and skin abscess. Depending on the causes, treatment should be made accordingly. When the symptoms occurring, show the possibility of acne, the most effective treatment would be not scrubbing it in any ways, but keeping it clean and calm.

Acne can go away easily when inflammation is gone and the skin is maintained clean from make-up, dust and other pollutant. When the condition shows a tendency for abscess, you may need to consult the dermatologist. Abscess should not be underestimated since inside the skin, there might be some infection happening.


Keeping your skin clean on daily basis is very crucial in preventing itchy bumps on skin from happening. If you are sensitive towards certain products, it is also recommended to switch to natural based moisturizer or foundation. Face is the most fragile part. Hence, make sure to clean it properly and wash it with clean water.

When the bumps are caused by mosquito bites, make sure not to scratch it too often that will hurt your skin. It may leave scars or spots that will stay for some time. Of course, this is quite troublesome for those with fair complexion. Apply cream or body talc that contains antibiotics with mint essence to reduce the itch and burning sensation.

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