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Cigars To Enjoy - Montecristo And Cohiba, Both Habanos Cigar

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When in search of a cigar to smoke, and also you do not wish to look like a layman while smoking, in that case, you should be on familiar terms with where to come across the right type, how to light and smoke them. A few brands to look forward to are Montecristo and Cohiba, both are Habanos cigars.

Montecristo cigars hale itself as the world most well-known Cuban cigars in the world, ever since prior to the 1950s, and its No. 4 is actually the most well-liked in the market. It makes up approximately 50 percent of the company Habanos global sales. The name originated from Alexandre Dumas' haled book, The Count of Monte Cristo, a much loved book among the Havana cigar producers in 1935.

Varying in several sizes and styles, Montecristo cigars cover the bases for every sort of individual taste or liking. It is prepared especially from individually picked leaves from the Vuelta Abajo area, where some of the finest tobacco is grown. Once the leaves are separately pulled out, the mature leaves are hand-wrapped into the particular Montecristo cigar to make a stretched out filler. The cigars of the top-quality are usually handmade, which assures a standard quality control. Long-filled are moreover thought-out to be superior in quality, as they are full of long tobacco leaves, all through. This regular to flavorful one has a soft taste and rich aroma that appeal to beginners as well as experienced smokers.

The Cohiba brand was produced for a Cuban, Fidel Castro at the world well known El Laguito factory. The name is derived from the Taino word for the lot of leaves which were smoked via Columbus males as they first landed in Cuba. The leaves for it, identical to the Montecristo, are separately chosen for the finest flavor and aroma from the San Juan y Martinez as well as San Luis regions of Vuelta Abajo. Different from the other Habanos cigars, its filler leaves undergo a third level of fermentation in wooden barrels for its one of its kind aroma. Similar to the Montecristo, these are rolled by hand, with extended stuffing.

There are 2 kinds of Cohiba lines - the classic line is average to intense, and the 1492 line is medium-bodied and is produced to pay tribute to Columbus's journey that cause the naming of the Cohiba Cuban cigar.

It is tough to hit upon Cuban cigars in the States, however if you can find them, mainly the Montecristo or Cohiba brand of Habanos cigars, they are globally identified as the finest in the business. Even if you are new in your interest, just being familiar with the brands will make you avoid any mistake. And distributing cigars like Montecristo or Cohiba encourages experienced smokers to offer you a support in the learning process.

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