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When a Bridal Party Member Reneges

by conallbrendon

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You found and reserved the perfect wedding venue in Melbourne. Your flowers have been chosen and are on order. Your wedding dress has not only made it back from the seamstress, but it fits perfectly! All the bridesmaids’ dresses have been tried on and tailored. Everything is ready; its two days until the wedding, and you can almost relax a little. Then the phone call comes. One of your bridesmaids wants to talk to you. She’s devastated, but she has to back out due to unforeseen circumstances. Now what?

How you decide to deal with this depends on what the circumstances are. If there is death in the family, if its health related or a family emergency; be sympathetic and supportive. She doesn’t need you to become Bridezilla when she’s already upset. Send her a nice card and a bouquet of flowers to let her know that you understand, especially if it’s a friendship of long standing. If it’s a financial issue, perhaps you can help her with it. But be aware, if it is financial and you do help her, your other bridesmaids may become upset.

If she definitely can’t be in your wedding, then you have to regroup. If your concerns are about your wedding bridal party being an uneven number, don’t be concerned. Uneven bridal parties are more common than you think. It may even be a better option than you having someone replace her. By replacing her, your original bridesmaid may be upset that she was replaced so easily. The person replacing her may be hurt that she was a replacement and not your first choice.

If you do choose to go with an odd number in your wedding party, then you can have one usher escort two bridesmaids, one on each arm down the aisle. Don’t be too concerned about your wedding photos. Photographers who are professional have most likely handled situations like this at other wedding venues. Your photographers should be able to work around the odd person so that the photo looks perfect. Just make sure you tell the photographer of the situation.

At the reception, there are several ways to handle the wedding party dance. You and your groom can dance the first dance as it is normally done. Then you can either have the attendants dance with their dates, significant others, or spouses. The second option is to invite the wedding party and all the guests to join you on the dance floor.

Having a bridesmaid back out is a definite problem and can be upsetting to you to say the least. But if you know how to handle it, it needn’t be. If you keep your calm and handle the situation gracefully, it will go smoothly. After all, the day is about you and your groom. That is who everyone is coming to see; no one is counting your bridal party, it is your happiness they care about.

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