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Play 400 Card Game on iPhone

by anonymous

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Every iPhone user wants to play exciting games on their phone. IPhone users are not diverted towards any ordinary games but they love to play game with intelligent concept, excellent graphics quality, superb sound effects and proper animations. 400 Card Game is one of the fantastic card games that is loved by many iPhone users as it posses all the qualities which a classic iPhone game must have. This interesting game has become one of the major attractions among iPhone users as people of any age group can play this game without having any sort of difficulty. This game can be better viewed as mind exercise.

It is really very interesting to play 400 Arba3meyeh iPhone gameas it is a tricky game which can be played in partnership with four people means two members in one team. It is played with a set of 52 cards which is divided between players. In order to win the game you need to be the first team to score forty one or more points. To play this game players need to bid first, by bidding the team specifies that how many moves they require to win the game, once bidding is confirmed then none of the team can change it. If any team reaches to the score of 30 points or more than 30, 5 tricks will be counted as five, 6 tricks as six however 7 points or more are still multiplied; this rule can be further modified when any team reaches to score of 40 points or more than 40. Once a member of the team reaches to the score of 4 points more than the opposite team, the game is won by big score team.

Along with interesting concept the Tarneeb Online gamealso provides chatting facilities between the players so that they can decide their moves. The game app has excellent features like fantastic graphic designing which looks good on iPhone screen, excellent background music which makes it even more interesting. Game app also facilitates worldwide gaming facility means you can choose your gaming partner from any part of the world. Game app also provide cross gaming facility means now iPhone user can play this game with android user and android user can play it with iPhone users. So, simply find out a leading online source offering downloading facility of 400 Card Game app.

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