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Benefits of Eating Raw Foods that you didn’t know

by alexstephen

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There are different kinds of foods that are available to man. The most nutritive of these foods are the whole foods. By whole food we mean foods which are unrefined or unprocessed, or in some cases may be little refined just before its consumption. Typically, whole foods do not contain any added ingredients such as salt, sugar or fat. In simple terms all raw vegetables and fruits are whole foods.

As most of us are afraid to follow a raw-food diet, let’s look as some other common foods which we eat in our day to day life. If you want to start with a whole foods online diet regime, you can take potatoes as starters. You can try out eating baked potato rather than the consumption of potato chips. When you eat potato chips from any packet, you are eating chips that are sliced and dropped into a deep fat fryer, along coated with various flavors. A potato chip would not be considered as a processed food, whereas a baked potato would be considered a whole food.

Some of the raw food recipes that are available on the internet contain easy and simple raw food dishes. There is nothing scary or weird about preparation of raw food recipes. If you are new to this concept, then you can check some websites that will give you related information about recipes. One great recipe for raw food beginners can be crunchy salad with sesame vinaigrette. Inspired by the flavors of Asia this salad is very colorful, the ingredients of this salad are easy to find and are very familiar. This salad is super tasty and does not need any specific equipments for its preparation. To prepare this salad you need to take in a large bowl and combine celery, bell pepper, corn, snow peas, parsley and green onions.

In another small bowl you have to whisk together apple cider vinegar, balsamic vinegar, agave nectar, cold-pressed sesame oil with a toss of sea salt. You can chill this salad before serving so that all the flavors blend well. This is a very delicious recipe for raw food beginners. 

There are certain enzymes present in food which gets killed by heating or cooking above forty degrees. Hence many scientists believe that raw food is very healthy for the human body. In addition, raw food is easier to digest as compared to cooked food and it contains amazing amounts of nutrients. If you are new to raw food diet, then you can try out some new methods.

After just few days of consumption of raw diet, you may notice better digestion, clearer skin, breathe easier, and change in the level of moods.   The typical raw food only contains vegans. But there are some raw food eaters which also include raw dairy products in their diet. Unpasteurized goat’s cheese is an example of this. Commonly raw food UK recipes are based on raw fruits, vegetables, seaweed, sprouted seeds, and seeds. If you have tried to lose weight and not been successful, then start with the best raw food UK diet.

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