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The Jewish Act of Teshuva Can Now Be Done Online!

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Put your heartfelt apology in writing. Like the Mistress did to her Rabbi’s Wife.

WORLDWIDE, August 2013- The High Holy Days are upon us and that means millions of Jews will soon be performing Teshuva -- the act of atoning for a sin, mistake, or poor choice. Leading up to the Day of Atonement, Jews are reminded that for transgressions against other people, they must seek forgiveness from the person he or she has aggrieved.


It is for this reason that many Jews make an effort during the High Holy Days to apologize to their families and friends for offenses they have committed. Their efforts to "clean the slate" of any misdeeds and mistakes are rooted in Jewish tradition. This is where can be incredibly powerful.


"Sometimes we are able to express ourselves more sincerely in writing.  When we are face to face it is hard to tell someone the whole truth. We can get so caught up in our emotions that we don't always express ourselves in the manner that we wish.  I created my website to give people a place to make amends and let others know that they are aware of the hurt or carelessness they have created-unintentional or not."  Website Creator Stirling Gardner


Judaism's greatest rabbis and scholars have suggested the following four-step process for achieving Teshuva:


  1. Confess the wrongdoing.
  2. Repent for one’s actions.
  3. Offer a sincere apology for the action.
  4. Make a commitment to never perform the transgression again.

All of this can be done with ease at


 "In its short time online  is already changing people's lives. People are opening up for the first time about mistakes they have made and thought they would have to carry forever in secret. One mistress wrote a heart-wrenching apology to her Rabbi's wife that she said she never would have written if not given the opportunity on this website. She added that she was nervous, but incredibly grateful to get this off her chest."  Website Creator Stirling Gardner


To post your own apology, go to .  Here you can also read moving apologies that previous users have posted if you need a little inspriation.



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