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How Often Do You Go To The Convenience Store?

by movingtostorage

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As a kid, did you enjoy walking to the corner store to pick up things for your mom or buy yourself some soda and candy with your allowance? It is not that easy to find a independently owned corner store these days, but you can find a convenience store on many intersections these days.


These are small stores that may or may not be part of a gas station. What they usually do have are some selection of convenience items for their customers. These might include alcoholic and nonalcoholic drinks, candy, and a variety of snack foods.


These days, some modern stores even have a lot more things to bring in customers. For example, some shops have arcade games or local lottery game tickets. This may be a way to draw in more shoppers and keep some shoppers around longer so they buy more items.


Others even have full meals that people can pick up when they are on the go. Some simple breakfast, lunch, and even dinner items may be kept warm for their customer's convenience. Some items like breakfast tacos, chicken sandwiches, and even pastries can be quite good and priced competitively.


Sometimes these are large franchises with hundreds of locations. Sometimes they may even be offered by a larger grocery store to provide a small selection of items to customers who do not care to park and wait.  


Did you know that in Quebec Convenience store's are called Depanneur which literally means in english "one who gets you out of a jam". These places are stalked with loads of emergency items for you and your family to take advantage of. They have batteries to power your flashlights when the power goes out. As well as always having plenty of gas to get your car moving during a tough situation.


Did you know that the weather greatly affects how well we are doing? Customers are far less likely to walk out in the rain to go grab a soda. It also makes stopping more dangerous when the roads are wet and peoples views may be slightly more obstructed. Convenience Store parking lots are were a lot of motor vehicle accidents take place. We often have crammed parking lots with narrow lanes for leaving and coming in.  


So through the good, the bad and the ugly. We have always been there for you and your families emergency. Will you come visit us today?

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