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How is SharePoint advancing the enterprise social roadmap?

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The newly introduced SharePoint 2013 exhibits a clear incorporation of the social features in your daily routine. Adding to this is the seamless integration with Yammer, which also seems to offer promising results in the field. It can be undeniably said that the ‘social’ features found in Yammer and SharePoint is sure to make way for efficient as well as effective collaboration at the workplace. With the passage of time, a growing number of organizations have embraced the wave of integration between the two.

sharepoint developmentThe rapid growth of Yammer itself validates that enterprise social is presently representing a significant trend influencing the way people are wanting to learn, connect, and share at work. With more organizations adopting the advantages of enterprise social solutions, maximum clients are noticing profitable return in aspects of enhanced customer response time, improved cross-functional communication/collaboration, as well as better business agility. Enterprise social has completely changed the way of work by reaching beyond organizational silos and making things more collaborative alongside enabling the enterprise to be more responsive to its clients/customers.

Advancing the enterprise social roadmap
Over the last year, Yammer has been continually making room for product updates involving message translation abilities, platform updates (i.e. embedded feeds and ‘follow’, ‘like’ buttons), file collaboration improvements along with increasing developments on a varied range of mobile platforms.

It has also been continually delivering an outlined strategy to offer a social layer across third-party applications as well as Microsoft Office. Microsoft truly believes that it is required to make social an essential part of everyday application. Only then it can rise to become a mainstream aspect in the workplace. To deliver on that line and previous roadmap declarations, Microsoft is presenting interoperability with office 365 integrated with the following newly released characteristics:

  • Yammer newsfeed for Office 365 and SharePoint Online – Presently, Yammer functions more intensely and effortlessly with SharePoint Online and Office 365 enabling customers to replace the newsfeed of SharePoint with the same.
  • Yammer application availability in Office Store – Yammer applications available in the Office Store enables the customers to effortlessly embed the group feeds in SharePoint sites thereby, establishing a connection between sites and groups to provide the best of both worlds.

Microsoft is also due to release a number of SharePoint, Office 365 as well as Yammer update to improve the connection between the services thereby, making room for better collaboration. It has already spoken about delivering a single sign-on along with enhanced user experience. However, the newly planned features are designed to involve advancements in email and search. Here is a quick look at the Yammer developments that are about to make a mark in enterprise social roadmap:

  • SharePoint search integration – Allow SharePoint search to look for Yammer conversations thereby, establishing a stage for improved as well as powerful apps combining social and search.
  • Yammer groups in SharePoint sites – The app available in the SharePoint store will enable you to replace a site feed of SharePoint with a group feed of Yammer manually. More work is being done to make the feeds appear by default in SharePoint sites.
  • Yammer messaging enhancements – The user experience is being redesigned to make it more user-friendly as well as easy for use as a primary tool of communication. Multiple group messaging and direct messaging features will be incorporated.
  • Email interoperability – Microsoft is working to make it easy to email and use Yammer together. This will allow you to follow a complete thread via email, participate in conversations, as well as respond to messages through email.
  • External communication –Improve the messaging infrastructure so that it becomes easy to include external or third parties in the conversation.
  • Mobile apps – The idea is to enhance user experience alongside adding new exciting features to mobile service and apps.
  • Localization – Localization of the interface in new languages is being done to cater to the increasing demand across the globe.

Microsoft will make complete use of its fast development approach making room for continuous improvements to generate connected experiences all across Office 365 combining collaboration, instant messaging, social voice, email, and video applications in pioneering ways.

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