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Hair Pulling – A Concern or A General Behavior

by shiquehairextensions

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We all have a habit of doing something during extreme psychological circumstances such as stress, anger, anxiety, confusion, etc. While some bite nails and other move a certain body part in a consistent manner. One of the rarest things that can happen in these circumstances is hair pulling. The person can start pulling or eventually plucking their hair from certain regions of the body such as eyebrows, eyelashes, head, hands, legs, etc. This is more than just a normal reaction to mental imbalance.

This can also be the tendency that is caused due to a disorder named as trichotillomania. This is a psychological disorder that causes a person to pluck his own hairs when he is under certain situational pressure. It is also considered to be an impulse control disorder as the person can no longer control their body impulses due to which they can do such activities.

Thus, hair pulling can be a very strong symptom of the above mentioned disease. While there are no fixed treatment for this diseases, alter treatment have been definitely suggested. This can be treated via medications or through psychological intervention.

There can be no fixed time period for the removal of the disorder trichotillomania. It may take months or in some cases years to leave completely. Therefore, if you are finding these symptoms within someone that is related to you then make sure you undertake a psychological test to clarify the situation. If the tests are positive, you can easily move ahead with the prescribed treatment.

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