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The Process of Filing Fiancée Visa

by filipinafianceevisa

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Fiancee Visa/ Finance Visa is a visa which helps the citizens of USA to get a visa for their spouses and marry in the province of United States of America. This is basically designed to work for the citizens of United States of America to give an opportunity to their spouses to visit their place before they actually tie the knot. Finace Visa is a wonderful and easy way to get the Visa.


Fiancee visa requires a set of documentations which is slightly difficult and complex in nature. It is always suggested to get the advice of some experts to help in the documentation process in way so that the visa application is not returned back or rejected. Further, the entire documentation process requires about a thousand dollars for filing and approval of the documents. This is a vital part in getting the visa process for the Fiancee. Fiancee Visa is little different from the Marriage Visa in the way that the visa requires 4-6 month process while the Marriage Visa requires about 9-10 months. Further, for the Fiancee Visa meeting the person once is the only eligibility criteria while for the Marriage Visa it is imperative to have met the person and have the legal documents.


The process for getting a Fiancee Visa is as follows. One needs to file a petition for Fiance Visa with the Department of Homeland Security with the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services in the area that one is residing. One receives a package which contains a bunch of forms and certain information which collectively makes up the Fiancee petition. The forms needs to be filled up in all aspects  with all the required supporting documents. Care should to be taken to fill the forms correctly so that the form is not rejected or returned back. One more thing to keep in mind is the dact aht the petition for Fiancee Visa cannot be filled at embassy, consulate or the United States Immigration abroad. The process then continues. The council approves the petition and sends it to National Visa Centre for processing for their approval. After this the Fiancee gets to be interviewed in person by the officials for getting the final approval. The documents are then reviewed and the entire process takes about 4- 6 months of time. Now this is changing job but once the Visa is received the process becomes easier. Further, there is even a clause that the children can accompany the spouse with special permission. Once the visa is received, the spouses can accompany and marry nicely in the dream state of United States of America.


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