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Executive Car Hire - An Essential Business Resource

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The word "chauffeur" derives from the French term for "stoker" because early cars were steam-powered and required the driver to stoke the engine.

Whilst today the word when used literally describes anyone who drives for a living, it is most commonly understood to refer to the driver of a prestige or luxury vehicle, whether it be a horse-drawn carriage, a sedan, a motor coach or a limousine.

If the term inspires a variety of images that is totally apposite as there is a surprising range of occasions and situations in which one might desire the services of a chauffeur, and an almost equally surprising selection of vehicles that are designed specifically for the purpose.

Perhaps the most traditional of such occasions for most people would be a wedding. It is commonplace even outside of the ranks of the well heeled to arrange wedding super car hire hire that includes a complete chauffeur service, be it a stately old Bentley or Rolls or a gleaming silver Mercedes.

A fairly recent development in the world of executive car hire super car hire has been the use of the American-style stretched - and in some cases very stretched - limousine. Amazingly these can carry up to 22 passengers. Increasingly they are being used for one-off celebrations and treats, and a ride in such a vehicle for your child and his or her friends can be every last bit as thrilling as a trip to a theme park, especially when combined with a trip to the theatre or the cinema.

There will always be a demand for chauffeur-driven sports car hire around the world of celebrity entertainment, and for high-profile individuals in business and politics. Whilst some might believe there to be an element of social grandstanding involved in all this it must be remembered just how important it is that those involved in high-powered jobs should be able to arrive at work fresh in body and mind, and unruffled by the stress of having had to negotiate traffic before hunting high and low for a parking space.

A similar case can quite reasonably be made when it comes to airport transfers. Particularly, one might argue in the light of the enormous congestion and pressures involved, to London airport transfers. When undergoing what is sometimes in itself a stressful experience boarding and alighting aircraft, checking in, waiting - not to mention what can be several hours actually on board a flight - one doesn't really need to be worrying about moving through traffic to the airport, parking a luxury car hire and in some cases then having to transfer from car park to terminal building.

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