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Explore the cubic zirconia rings option for your upcoming en

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More and more people are increasingly becoming ardent aficionados of cubic zirconia jewelry for more reasons than one. Arguably the greatest of these reasons is the fact that cubic zirconia stones strikingly resemble diamonds. Most diamonds are flawed, but a cubic zirconia is flawless, thereby offering that ‘fire’ people seek in a high quality diamond. The similarity in appearance is so strong that jewelers are compelled to use special equipment in order to distinguish between what is diamond and what is not. Further, cubic zirconia and diamond stones vary only slightly with regards to light reflection-ability. There is really no similarity though when it comes to price; the affordable cost of cubic zirconia rings as compared to the astronomical cost of diamond rings definitely brings music to many people’s ears.

For your engagement it would certainly make sense to consider cubic zirconia rings in the event that your budget cannot allow for the purchase of real diamonds. This option guarantees that you will find a virtually perfect ring considering that cubic zirconia stones are almost always flawless. The same cannot be said about even the costliest of natural diamonds as these gems typically feature flaws otherwise referred to as inclusions, as well as feathers, cracks and hairlines. Cubic zirconia stones are also available in a wide variety of colors (including colorless) which means you can have an engagement ring in whatever color that tickles your fancy. Such convenience is rather hard to come by in the case of real diamonds. With reasonable care, your ring should remain glittery until it’s time to replace it with a real diamond should you choose this later.

Cubic zirconia rings have proven to be a huge hit with the ladies seeing as it is now possible to purchase a celebrity engagement ring, i.e. a ring whose design is inspired by the actual ring worn by a celebrity for her engagement. Many jewelers now offer many celebrity engagement ring varieties, including a version of the emerald-cut three stone diamond ring worn by Kim Kardashian, Molly Sims’ princess-cut halo diamond ring, Kate Hudson’s tapered baguette diamond ring, Amy Smart’s bead-set cathedral diamond ring, and so many more. Many ladies would really love to wear the same design of ring as their favorite stars, so buying a celebrity engagement ring for your dearest one is something each guy should really consider.


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