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Bankruptcy in Sandy, Utah and Other Options to Avoid Foreclo

by lauralamb

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Foreclosure rates in Utah dropped 45 percent since last year, Desert News reports. Nevertheless, this does not rescue a lot of house owners in Sandy from the hazard of losing their houses. The good news is, locals can speak with attorneys to know their choices that may serve to stop repossession.

One of the most typical solutions for people taking on repossession is to declare bankruptcy in Sandy Utah. According to Nolo, filing for Chapter 13 bankruptcy makes it possible for you to settle the arrears and late or unpaid payments in a payment plan usually lasting for five years approximately. If you manage to regularly make the payments until the end of the repayment plan, then you'll have the ability to avoid property foreclosure.

Nonetheless, declaring Chapter 13 bankruptcy can have extended consequences. Chapter 13 bankruptcy will show up in your credit report for seven years, thus making it difficult for you to borrow money later on. You'll be looked at as high-risk by a lot of loan providers, so it's likely that you can obtain loan only at high-interest rates.

One more solution for you to stop foreclosure in Sandy Utah is to talk to a legal professional. A lot of attorneys will inform you that insolvency is the sole solution, but some may review your situation and tell you about other options. You may not know it, but financial institutions need to comply with specific regulations and procedures for it to foreclose your residence. Any stumbles on the part of the bank can be grounds to have your foreclosure dismissed.

However, this doesn't mean that declaring Chapter 13 isn't entirely unnecessary. Many lawyers might instruct you to file if only to temporarily prevent the financial institution from confiscating your property. The stop order will take effect for as long as the court can produce a judgment whether or not to accept the repayment plan. This strategy will serve to buy you time as you check out other choices with your attorney.

Although you may believe that Chapter 13 is the sole choice, it's suggested to just consult a legal representative and see if there are means for you to stay in your home. For additional info, visit

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