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Three Advantages of Portable Trade Show Displays

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Portable trade show displays are available in different kinds that make it easily accessible for different sizes of business. Here we shall look into the different types of portable trade show displays:

1. Do-It-Yourself Kit: The do-it-yourself kit is one of the simplest forms of portable trade displays. A table cover and a vinyl banner can make up for booth display. You need not necessarily spend thousands of dollars for a full exhibit. A simple banner helps people know about your business and you can use a table to show-off your products and information at the advantage of your business.

2. Table Top Display: The table top display is another form of portable trade show display. Some table tops are so compact that they can be carried in a carrying case or a briefcase. On the other hand, others can be quite large standing at a height of 6ft to 8 ft after it is placed on a table. Even these can conveniently fit into the carrying cases. Table top displays are a suitable option when you have no one to man the booth.

3. Collapsible Floor Model Displays: These displays are available in 8 feet to 10 feet width and can be displayed in a booth measuring 10 foot by 10 foot. The collapsible floor model displays are a bit more expensive option compared to the rest. These are priced around some thousand dollars. These displays are used by companies during annual industry conference and trade shows.

Now that we are aware of some of the portable display options, let us explore the advantages of portable trade show displays:

 Compact Size: Portable displays are compact and small in size and can collapse down to small package that can be easily transported in a car or plane. Thus, you need not ship the items separately and save money that you would otherwise had to pay for big banners while traveling round the country.

 Easy Set-Up: The portable displays are simple to erect once you have reached the destination. You can swiftly set up the stand without requiring any professional help. You may not even have to use tools in many cases.

 Highly Effective: When you are looking for ways to advertise your company brand name, products and services, you need not spend on large displays unnecessarily all the time. Portable displays are powerful enough to send messages across the visitors of a show. Choosing the right display can create an attractive destination for attendees to stop by and explore.

So, if you are looking for versatile ways to advertise your company products and services, you will simply adore the different qualities of portable trade show displays that are available in different forms and sizes. You can look online for the right trade show displays that can be carried across the country easily without any trouble. You can explore the wide range of options while you are browsing online. has made it easier for you to exhibit portable trade show displays ( ) to help you effectively market your business. To know how you can use signage and banners, you may also visit Wikihow.

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