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Coral Jewelry –the Beautiful and Healthy Accessory

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When people say “coral”, what can you think of? The beautiful thing or the red color or both of them? Only a word can give us many hints. Indeed, coral is beautiful. However, the coral jewelry is much prettier.
The majority of the people only know that the coral jewelry is beautiful, but they don’t know much knowledge about it. I find some related things about it and I’d like to share with all of you. Now I will take red coral as an example.
Multi Strands Assorted Red Coral Bracelet with Silver Color Wire
Coral is not a kind plant but a coelenterate. It includes various kinds and the quality is also different. The red coral belongs to the octoseptata. Red coral is known as the organic gemstones with the amber and pearl. It is the symbol of auspiciousness and richness and always used to produce the valuable handicrafts. The Emperors of the Qing Dynasty often wear the accessory which is made of coral. Besides the function of decoration, the coral can also be useful for improving the eyesight and maintaining beauty and keeping young. It is a kind of rare ingredients of the traditional Chinese medicine. It is generated from the Taiwan Strait and South China Sea. Red coral is also named as the precious coral. Its sclerotin is relatively dense and its hardness is similar to the ivory. It has red color, pink color and orange color and so on. Based on these characteristics, it is suitable for processing to be the elegant jewelry and the high-class art work. Coral necklace is really beautiful and so is the coral bracelet. They are deeply loved by people all over the world.
white pearl and red coral necklace with extendable chain
The cultural meaning of the coral is various in different countries, especially the Indian indigenous peoples and the China Tibetan. They love coral very much and regard it as the amulet. According to historical records, the use of red coral dates back to Roman times. The ancient Romans thought that corals have the function of preventing disaster, giving people wisdom and hemostasis. Some voyagers believe that wearing red coral can avoid lightning and hurricane. It can ensure they have a safe trip.
Coral jewelry really has some good effects on human body. Many people wholesale coral jewelry to make a profit because people love it. After I get the knowledge about coral, I really want to buy some to wear. If you have the same thought with me, then action! With coral jewelry, you will be more and more beautiful and healty.
Cluster Style Drop Shape Red Coral Earrings

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