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More about the Immigration Attorney Oklahoma City

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To begin, the private immigration attorney Oklahoma City representing those who wish to move and immigration attorneys who represent the government’s interests in either granting or denying permission to relocate. But even those differing labels do not fully represent the diverse ways to practice immigration law. Here are just some of the ways that attorneys practice immigration law.


Some represent corporate clients who need to move employees around the globe. In the United States, these attorneys need to be experts at applying the categories and quotas of business-related immigration permitted by Congress through the Immigration and Nationality Act. To assist their clients, these attorneys must work their way through a challenging application process administered by the government. Along the way, the attorney has the chance to learn all about the fascinating work of his clients. This is necessary because, to advocate for the client, the attorney must be an expert not only on the law but also on the work of the client. For example, if a client is developing a revolutionary new type of computer screen, the attorney must be able to translate the concept to the government adjudicators. The government adjudicators need to understand why the technology is so revolutionary and why it is so important to allow the client to relocate. An effective immigration attorney can make the difference between a corporation that achieves its personnel goals essential to its operations and one that does not.


Other immigration attorney Oklahoma City focuses on those who have moved and want to stay, but the government seeks their removal. These attorneys find themselves litigating in immigration court in the United States, with potential appeals in the federal courts. In these cases, private attorneys and government attorneys argue whether an individual has done something that renders them deportable. Making these arguments requires strong statutory reading skills and often involves the ability to expertly analyze the U.S. Constitution. A strong motivation to move is a fear of harm in one’s home country. Some immigration attorneys represent individuals in asylum cases, where such fear-based claims are adjudicated. Take Mr. A, for example. Mr. A’s father was killed in his native Colombia for refusing to help rebels fight against the government. After his father’s funeral, Mr. A received a note in his home that said, “You are next.” Is Mr. A entitled to refuge in the United States? An immigration attorney would represent his through the application process, whose outcome, literally, could mean the difference between life and death.


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