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why do women get breast lifts?

by gregore

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Breast Lift Can Mean Uplift in Self Confidence

There is no question that for Houston women, and women everywhere, appearance is tied to self-esteem and self-confidence. This applies to both genders, and most ages. One aspect of a women’s body that has a significant effect on not only how she looks in clothes, but also how she feels about herself is her breasts. It is a well known fact that cosmetic surgery can make dramatic and wonderful changes to women’s figures. Breast enhancement is one of the most popular types of plastic surgeries for women. The breast lift in particular can bring about glorious results.

It is understandable why sagging breasts would make a woman feel unattractive. Our society promotes uplifted and perky breasts. Even women’s underwear is designed to have an uplifting effect. It is a cultural phenomenon, and it has been engrained in our collective conscious over decades. As a result, women want and deserve to have perky, bouncy breasts if they so desire. Cosmetic surgery has made it possible for these desires to be realized. Feeling unattractive can have an exceedingly negative impact on our emotional well-being therefore it makes perfect sense to utilize modern medicine to become more attractive. Breast lift surgery is safe and effective and reasonably priced.

The breast lift procedure goes by the medical name mastopexy. A cosmetic surgeon will use the procedure to recontour and reshape the breasts. Sometimes implants are used depending on the breast shape and size. Women who have larger breasts often need a lift or their nipples repositioned. Contrary to popular myth, the nipple always remains attached. Sometimes an implant is used to provide a better shape and lift. When a firmer appearance is wanted, excess skin will be removed. The lift essentially involves rearranging the overall curvature, and the relocation of the areolas and nipples. The procedure typically lasts between two and four hours.

For at least the first two weeks of recuperation, you should rest and try to avoid strenuous activity to prevent irritating the breasts as they heal. The scars will be quite visible at first, but over time they will considerably fade. Depending on natural occurring changes, aging and lifestyle, a successful breast, lift should last between five and ten years. A healthy lifestyle can engender a longer lasting outcome. Your surgeon will provide guidelines for you to follow during recovery, which you should faithfully adhere to, as well as recommendations for lifestyle changes to ensure prolonging the breast lift results.

In Houston, breast lift surgery is available at Memorial Plastic Surgery. Call us and we will schedule an initial consultation with our chief surgeon Dr. Patrick Hsu. He is board certified and a highly respected plastic surgeon. Dr. Hsu has led the way for our clinic to become a preeminent cosmetic and reconstruction surgery facility in the greater Houston area. He understands the importance of appearance and how it is linked to our emotional state of mind, and will discuss with you how a breast lift can give a boost to your self-confidence.

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