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Clogged Gutters: A Problem You Should Never Ignore

by tiffanylarsen

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Nature sure loves to deposit debris on roofs and gutters; and these are usually brought by wind, wildlife, and trees. Most of the debris gets washed into the gutter where it then flows to the downspout. Unfortunately, some of these get stuck.

If rainwater can't flow through the downspout, the gutter will keep it right up against the edge of the roof. It will then seep under the shingles and cause moisture into the roof's foundation, which will eventually cause it to rot. If this happens, your roof will develop leaks that may be extensive and expensive to repair. You may even find yourself in need of new gutters from Washington DC roofers.

Other problems caused by clogged gutters

Standing water in gutters can also become a breeding ground for mosquitoes. If your home is constantly plagued by mosquitoes, and can't seem to find standing water around the house, take a look at your roof gutters. Clogged rain gutters are one of the most overlooked mosquito breeding grounds around homes.

Looking beyond your premises, another challenge emerges. Overflowing water from clogged gutters can create an unplanned system of ponds and channels full of water, which can then make their way to landscaping and sidewalks around your home. Over time, water will soon damage these areas resulting to thousands of dollars in repair costs for you.

How to keep your gutters clog-free

It doesn't take much to have clog-free gutters. Just be sure to clean out the debris twice a year, preferably in the early weeks of spring and before the start of winter. After cleaning, test the gutter and the downspout to ensure they drain properly by hosing with water. Be sure to check for proper pitch, corrosion, broken fasteners, and separations between seams. If you encounter any of these problems, you may need to call in professional Washington DC roofers and have them fix the problem as soon as possible.

Hiring a roofer you can trust is very important because a roof work is a huge investment. Thus, it's well worth your effort ask friends, family, neighbors and co-workers for recommendations. Check out his previous projects also to have an idea of his workmanship. For more tips on how to find a reputable roofer here in the nation's capital, visit

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