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Why CAD Services are Popular

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When you hear ‘CAD,’ you may be thinking of a Victorian age insult. It’s not. In the present context, CAD refers to Computer Aided Design. CAD services are used in several industries these days. Some of these industries include:

• Architecture
• Automotive
• Real Estate
• Aviation
• Industrial building
• Environment Protection agencies- to demonstrate cause and effect

However, the one use of CAD services that everybody enjoys is in the creation of animated movies, ads and short-films. Even news channels use them sometimes to help viewers understand how a train may have derailed or how an accident occurred.

Why is CAD popular?

CAD services are much sought after chiefly because it is time saving. It saves engineers and architects from having to hand-draw diagrams and designs on paper. Creating them through CAD softwares is much easier than having to draw with a pencil and pen.

Furthermore, CAD softwares offer both 2D and 3D options. If the 2D vector-based drafting system isn’t clear enough for you to visualize the plan, then you can check it out in the 3D with the help of solid and surface modelers. You can rotate the diagram and view it from different angles. This is particularly helpful when it comes to floor plans of homes, or commercial facilities.

What Are the Popular Softwares Used?

There are a few CAD softwares that designers prefer over others. These are:
• AutoCAD
• Solid Works
• Inventor
• Solid Edge

These days CAD services and softwares are used by everybody from Fashion designers and engineers to furniture designers and architects. So, if you have an idea for designing anything, opt for CAD services. There are a few companies that will be more than happy to take your ideas into full consideration and collaborate with you.

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