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What are the Best Materials for Roofing in Arlington?

by willenefagen

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The level of concern when it comes to hurricanes can vary depending on where you live in Virginia. Arlington's relative proximity with the coast, for instance, makes it susceptible to high gale winds and strong rains. This has already been demonstrated by a number of hurricanes, most recently Irene.

Therefore, it is mandatory to make sure that Arlington roofing systems are prepped for bad weather, since the roof is one part of the house that is most vulnerable to damage. While it is important to employ only the best roofers to create a strong roof for your home, it is also imperative to use sturdy construction materials to build it. Below are just some of these materials that are available in the market today:

Wooden Shingles
Although conventional wisdom will tell you that wood can easily be ruined by water and is therefore a poor roofing choice, wooden shingles are a different breed. Treated cedar shakes, for example, are especially designed and formulated to withstand decay and mold growth. They also tend to go well with a lot of siding materials, especially fiber cement sidings offered by one Arlington siding company.

Slate Tiles
These are one of the oldest yet most durable roofing options that you can find. They can be quite expensive, however, since slate is mined from quarries (not manufactured) and is difficult to work with. On the flip side, they can provide you with a roof that lasts a lifetime with little maintenance. Some modern slate tiles also have an assortment of color options to make them aesthetically pleasing as opposed to the usual dark color.

Metal Plates
Perhaps one of the most practical roofing materials today, metal provides the durability, affordability, and beauty in one neat package. Not only can it withstand the rains that Virginia usually encounters, but can also resist damage caused by snow during winter. Metal, like slate, can be difficult to install, and thus requires professional help.

Installing roofing that can withstand hurricanes and other weather conditions in Virginia isn't that difficult, so long as you're willing to pay for the quality. Still, forking up cash for a roof is a lot better than paying for costly repairs once the storms finally pay you a visit. To learn more about other roofing materials, visit:

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