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Dr. Clean: A Medical Device

by angelihunter

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Dr. Clean medical device is the newest product of this company. This company is a medical device manufacturer and is an OEM manufacturing company. This company is a medical device manufacturing company and is dedicated to designing and manufacturing innovative medical devices and latex free medical products. This company was incorporated in 1994, and specializes in manufacturing medical device products and is internationally recognized as one of the best OEM manufacturers with so many years of experience. As an OEM, the company is committed to innovative custom product design, manufacturing and services that surpass customer satisfaction.

With regard to medical products, the newest product of this company is Dr. Clean medical device. This is a patent-pending revolutionary, surgical glove cleaning “football” which is used in wire-based vascular procedures and pacemaker implant procedures. Dr. Clean is made of a high tech polymer that is used in the semi-conductor industry. This polymer is used for ultra-cleaning of semi-conductor wafers. A wafer is a thin slice of material such as silicone crystal and is used in the production of integrated circuits and other micro-devices. Here are some of the benefits you could get with the use of this special surgical glove cleaning “football”: Dr. Clean…keeps gloves clean, reduces cross contamination, keeps biohazard material localized, maintains patient focus, is latex free, has fewer granulomas, reduces infection, and allows faster healing time.

Dr. Clean makes use of the ultra-cleaning technology and is used for the removal of blood from the physician’s gloves. Wire based procedures utilize guide wires that are susceptible to “tackiness”. Dr. Clean help fight against guide wire tackiness by keeping the physician’s gloves moist and clean. This may be utilized in Interventional Suites and Operating Rooms, Cath Labs and Electrophysiology Suites.

Dr. Clean is easy to set up. This is what is most important with emergent Cath Lab procedures such as the STEMI procedure. STEMI stand for “ST elevation myocardial infarction” which is an acronym for a serious heart attack. Dr. Clean is the newest product of this company, this can be placed directly in front of the physician and scrub assistant so patient focus is maintained. Dr. Clean can assist in eliminating any delay in patient care. Dr. Clean is a safe and more effective way to keep the gloves clean and moist. Dr. Clean is latex free. It is made from either platinum cured or peroxide cured silicone.

Other medical products of this company that are latex free are: the Ventral Wall Defect Silo Bags, Silicone Elastomer Tubing, the Silicone Blocks, Silicone Penrose Drains/Tubing, Silicone Biliary Catheter, Silicone T-Tubes, and Silicone Sheeting.

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