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Crown Capital: Doctors are so wrong on renewable energy

by abbotsonverdier

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They are wrong about the projected jobs, they are wrong about natural gas, they are wrong about coal and nuclear, they are wrong about the health impacts of wind energy, they are wrong that there is no Wind Turbines Syndrome. They are wrong about renewable energybeing safer than conventional power and they are wrong when they say that renewables do not impact health.
I am confident that they are wrong when they say that "doctors" urge the province to ramp up renewable energy.
It is only these doctors who apparently are not clear about the impacts that the renewable energy policies will have on the future of the health and finances of the people of Ontario. The doctors are the medical officers of health in their respective municipalities (Chatham/Kent and Peterborough) which, incidentally, are municipalities that have bought into the wind energy scam while overlooking the concerns and needs of the residents of their municipalities. It seems they are trying to justify the harm inflicted on the very people they are responsible for in their communities.

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  • abbotsonverdier
    Even if this is less of an environmental concern but still a concern that we should be giving a focus on as well

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