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Professional Folding crate suppliers in China

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Today, turnover box is a necessary for enterprise logistics management. In China, we have many turnover bos manufacturer, but few folding crate manufacturer in China. Sino Group is a professional folding crate supplier.

Our company foldable crate mainly uses HDPE and PP to manufacture the collapsed stacking crates and we use 100% pure new original material, we promise don’t use any recycled material. Using new plastic material can 100% guarantee the folding stackable crates quality and it’s safe to pack the food, vegetable... Foldable crate can also used in machinery, automobiles, electrical appliances, light industry, electronic industry, etc. Therefore, folding crate supplier must to learn and measure the container loading weight. For food folding container, folding crate manufacturer best to apply some certificate to guarantee the safe food packing. This is very important for carting industry.

Foldable stacking container is receiving great popularity in domestic and foreign market due to its saving room and freight. Turnover box is very normal container and waste a lot of room when you don’t use these container. What’s more? When you buy this type container from foreign market, freight will you cost more. Compare to normal turnover box, foldable stacking crates is saving the container room, a container can load more boxes and save your ocean freight. Our company has developed many sizes to meet customer requirement and all of our container size is adopt of European standard. We always want to be a great folding crate manufacturer to meet more our clients demand.

In using folding crate container, we also should pay attention to some key points:

  • handle with care and avoid exposure
  • In the process of assemble crates; worker should notice that the plastic buckle must buckle in place in order to avoid the container collapsible.
  • The foldable container should not hit by a blow, it will reduce the container use life.
  • The most suitable temperature is -30~60 degree. If the temperatures lower than parameter temperature, container will shorten the use life. And the temperature too high will also shorten its using life.

Under the normal using condition, foldable container the lowest working life is 5 years. In these five years, box break rate is less than 1%. After five years, the container break ate is greater than 1% due to plastic aging. In the normal working environment, crates using time can over ten thousand times.

We, as a folding crate supplier, we always to develop and improve our foldable box. We manufacture the folding container from plastic material, container practical using, mould design. For a good folding crate manufacturer, we must consider these factors. A folding crate supplier not only provide folding box to customers to clients, but also a satisfied quality.

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