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Evolution of Search and Its Impact on Las Vegas Marketing

by richardredmond234

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No doubt Google has become an icon of search engines and anything search engine-related. What started as a simple project by two Stanford students in 1996 grew to become a transitive verb much like, “I need to google my report”. Despite the existence of other search engines, many Las Vegas marketing strategies seem to be fixated on Google.

For Search Engine Land and Marketing Land founding editor Danny Sullivan, it wasn't that way ages ago. Google, for the record, isn't the first search engine; it isn't the first one to crawl through the web pages, either. Altavista actually came much earlier than Google, ranking pages based on the frequency of words in the page (which, today, is frowned upon as spamming). However, Google did provide the modern doctrine for search engines, which is why it grew in popularity.

Google may not be the first search engine, but it's among the first to introduce a novel concept at that time: off-page. Instead of touting your product for its effectiveness, why not get testimonials from those who bought it? This creates a more convincing review of your product; after all, why would you want to criticize your own product?

Thanks to off-page technology, the search engine expanded to incorporate more novel concepts such as vertical search or more specific searching. Why search for ABC Company's products when you can zero in on a particular line such as ABC Company's detergent? Geo tagged keywords are an example; they help search for related items within a specific vicinity.

Google took the initiative in designing the search engine to the point that it carries what Sullivan calls “Search 5.0.” This stage in search engine evolution relied less on on-page or off-page factors, which is exemplified in Google's segmented slices on the right of the results. SEO services in Las Vegas and in other places take advantage of this feature due to its quick and immediate exposure. Clearly, search engine technology has vastly improved.

There's even talk about “Search 6.0,” which will involve the NSA's PRISM surveillance program, but that's a story for another time. For now, you can head to and watch Sullivan's explanation on the evolution of search. When the doctrine of search evolves, so must search engine optimization.

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