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OEM Industrial Keyboards - Benefits and Types

by ctielectronics

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Industrial applications need peripherals that can survive in dusty, dirty and wash-down environments. Rugged and robust OEM industrial keyboards are meant for applications in chemically and mechanically stressful industrial environments. Many applications in the medical, marine, chemical refining and medical industries have been largely using Silicon molded industrial keyboards over years. Industrial keyboards are easy to clean and offer excellent performance in wet, dirty and corrosive environments.

Some of the common features of OEM industrial keyboards are:

Fully sealed Silicon rubber keypads

Stainless steel housing

Customizable keys

Excellent tactile response

Water proof

Resistant to high temperature and humidity

Backlit keys

Ease of maintenance

Types of keyboards

Specialized and distinct features of industrial keyboards have made them a popular choice in highly critical industrial environments. Some of the commonly used OEM industrial keyboards are:

Rackmount Keyboards – These rugged, reliable, sealed keyboards are largely used in hostile or aggressive environments. This keyboard features a folding door that provides ergonomic hand rest for the comfort of users. Rackmount keyboards are extensively used in applications in military aircrafts, ground vehicles, surface ships, submarines, medical and health care industries, manufacturing industries etc.

Medical grade keyboards - These keyboards are a new generation input device designed to prevent and control infectious viruses and deceases. Medical keyboards are easy to clean and can be used in patient rooms, nursing stations, hospital carts, ICU's, laboratories. They offer excellent operational excellence in harsh and wet health care environments. Most of the manufacturers use white silicone boot and white enclosure to help users to spot any contamination on keyboards. Medical grade industrial keyboards offer good tactile response; hence user can use them even while wearing gloves.

Plug-n-Play keyboards – These keyboards offer excellent performance in harsh and wet environments as these are protected in a gasket sealed aluminum or stainless steel enclosure. Most of the manufacturers use molded silicone while fabricating these keyboards. The use of molded Silicon keys provides excellent tactile response even while wearing gloves. Plug-n-play industrial keyboards are widely used in military, security, commercial fleet vehicles, marine vessels, and medical equipment carts.

Panel mount keyboard – Silicon molded panel mount keyboards have been used in emergency services, process control, mobile computing and the oil and gas industry over years. No special software drivers are required to connect these keyboards to any computer system.

Illuminated (Backlit) keyboards – This OEM industrial keyboard is highly useful in low- lit environments. These keyboards are commonly used in military, medical and aerospace applications. Users can adjust the brightness of the illumination as per their personal preference and requirements.

OEM industrial keyboards are specially designed to operate in harsh and aggressive industrial environments. They are resistant to shock, vibration, airborne particles, abrasive chemicals, corrosive liquids, high temperature, humidity etc

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