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Dealing with False Alarms

by advinrosa

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Find out false alarm rate for the alarm company that you are considering from your local police department.

When Home Alarm Systems Las Vegas, is properly and professionally installed it can be the most effective means to avoid or deter thieves from breaking in to your home. Along with proper installation the household members should also be trained and the alarm system must be regularly maintained. False alarms must be kept to a minimum. It is said that false alarms are a drain on the police machinery and can cause strained relationships between household members and the law enforcement. Even before installing a home alarm system you need to be aware of the consequences of false alarms and the police response to the alarm.

False alarm is caused when a person who is not an intruder or a pet trips over. It is the deceptive or erroneous report of an emergency, causing panic and bringing police to your home where they are not needed.

Most false alarms are caused by people who come to clean windows, relatives who are unaware of the installed alarm system, pets like dogs, stray cats, rodents and rats, and your kids’ friends, playing with balloons, windows that are unlatched and many others. Most of these false alarms are due to lack of training, awareness of the way it functions, defective designs, unprofessional installation practices contributing to a large amount of false alarms and unnecessary strain on the law enforcement agency.

As far as the US is concerned at least six hundred million dollars are spent each year and approximately sixty thousand officers are deployed to deal with false alarms. Because of the false alarm has reached epidemic proportions that the police are adopting various ways to deal with false alarms. Under some jurisdictions hefty fines are imposed whereas in others permits and registrations are required before installing a home alarm system. Such ordinances are expected to minimize false alarm responses and effectively utilize police resources.

It is a known fact that alarm companies have no control over response time. False alarm might interrupt your local police officers who may be involved in other genuine emergency situation calls. Some jurisdictions have set an upper limit on alarm calls while others allow their law enforcement agency to respond only if there is no other important police activity.

To play an active role in avoiding false alarms find out how the system you are installing avoids false alarms and also how you can operate it not to raise false alarms.

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